Title - Electronic Circuits Trainer
Electro Technology - Electronic Circuits Trainer
The Electronic Circuits Trainer can be used either in conjunction with Optional Cloud-based Software or with its own standalone teaching materials. This STEM learning resource has been designed to provide practical real world problem solving tasks and activities within the classroom or lab environment. These activities provide an engaging approach that helps teachers show contextualised linkages between Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The Electronic Circuits hardware and resource packs can be used for class demonstrations as well as offering student activities either individually or in small groups. The equipment included will quickly turn any classroom into an electronics laboratory.

Typical Topics and Projects Include:
  • Lamp Circuit
  • Polarity Tester
  • LED Lamp Circuit
  • Automatic Light Circuit
  • Improved Automatic Light Circuit
  • Flashing Doorbell
  • Lift Door Controller
  • AC to DC Converter
  • Baby Alarm
  • Road Crossing Controller
The Trainer Includes:
  • Electronic Circuits Hardware Pack:
    • Electronics patching board
    • Power Supply
    • Mounted component set
    • Connection lead set
    • Headphone
    • Digital Curriculum (Site License disk)
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Product: Electro Technology - Electronic Circuits Trainer
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