Title - Industrial Control Trainer
Engineering - Industrial Control Trainer
The Industrial Control Trainer offers a classroom based resource for practical investigation of automated control systems.

Users can select from a range of prepared demonstration programs to explore how step-based ladder logic programs are used in automated systems.

Alternatively students can create their own programs and see them in action using the included simulation package.

This trainer includes a curriculum CD containing theory and practical learning tasks, as well as tutor support materials.

Typical Topics Include:
  • Introduction to Industrial Control and Manufacturing
  • Industrial Controllers
  • Human Versus Machine
  • Logic (AND, OR, and NOT)
  • Truth Tables and Step Logic
  • Latching Actuators
  • Counting Parts
  • Timing Events
  • Measuring Part Width
  • Problem Solving – Sorting Parts
Typical Practical Activities Include:
  • Simulate custom manufacturing by building models.
  • Construct ladder logic programs.
  • Investigate the sequence of events for a PLC to activate an actuator.
  • Identify how to read and construct truth tables.
  • Build a latching program to control an actuator.
  • Complete a ladder logic program for an airlock control system.
  • Use a counter in a ladder logic program.
  • Use a timer to delay lighting a lamp after a button is pressed.
  • Adapt a ladder logic program to give indication of the width of a part on a conveyor.
  • Create a program that will automatically sort parts according to their width.
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Product: Engineering - Industrial Control Trainer
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Other Training Systems available:
Industrial Control Trainer Teaching Set (290-00). Includes Industrial Control Trainer (290-01) and (Siemens S71200 PLC & Step 7 PLC Pack).
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