Title - Sustainable Energy Production Trainer
Green Technology - Sustainable Energy Production Trainer
The Sustainable Energy Production Hardware Pack offers a set of demonstrator based resources for practical investigation of alternative energy production techniques.

The pack consists of the following demonstrators:

Solar Furnace
A parabolic dish assembly designed to concentrate the suns energy on a focal point to create heat. The standard configuration includes a receptacle for monitoring water temperature increase due to the heat created as a demonstration activity.

Thermo-acoustic Engine
This device demonstrates how a heat source can generate a standing wave in a gas. The oscillation can be used in this case to drive a piston and flywheel, which is in turn connected to a small generator. The power can be monitored via the 2mm connection points. This unit can also be located in the solar furnace assembly which can be used to replace the burner as a heat source to demonstrate a fully sustainable energy source.

Stirling Engine
This bench top model demonstrates how cyclic compression of a gas can be used to convert heat energy into mechanical energy. The unit includes a metal bowl which is filled with hot water to provide the heat source.

Typical Practical Activities Include:
  • Heating water using a solar furnace
  • Recording energy output from a thermo-acoustic engine
  • Identify the operation of a Stirling Engine

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